Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Essays

As long as you are s student, be sure to face essays before you graduate. As you study, you learn how to write appropriately and, in the end, you gain excellent skills during the years in college. However, some students still find it challenging to create a perfect essay because of some mistakes they can easily avoid. The only way to write the best essay is to order it at IBuyEssay and monitor the errors below because you can’t evade the idea of writing academic papers while in college.

  • Write a Synopsis but not an Analytical Essay

The thesis is the basis of every essay. Therefore, you must create an argument that defends the thesis. When writing an academic paper based on literature, always provide the topic’s clarity. However, most essays require you to conduct extensive research and explain the finding. Be clear on your points and avoid reporting what is available in the book.

  • Having a Weak Thesis Statement

One thing about essay writing is creating the best thesis statement. While explaining the points in the paragraphs, you will be referring to the thesis statement. If you don’t have a strong statement, you are likely to have trouble explaining your points.

  • Having many Quotes in the Essay

The purpose of the essay is to explain how you understand the topic. As much as you need to include some quotes, keep them minimal. When you use a lot of quotes, it shows you did not understand the topic quite well. That is why you are filling every page with lots of quotes. A good paper should have original ideas from your point of view.

  • Plagiarism

Most students fail to develop their ideas and end up taking other people’s work as theirs. This is called plagiarism, and no institution tolerates such behaviors. Professionals and tutors have specialized tools to check for plagiarism, and if found, you get into serious trouble. Avoid getting yourself in such a mess by writing your original work because you will get caught if you copy.

Plagiarism might appear in two forms:

  1. Using exact words from a statement minus quoting and giving credits.
  2. Paraphrasing someone else’s work by changing some words.

Avoid copying even one section of your essay. Every part should be your original work.

  • Grammar, Typos, and other Mistakes

We all make mistakes, and it’s part of learning. When writing academic papers, it can be hard to evade some grammatical errors. Let us take the following examples:

They’re mean they are while their means third person plural possessive, you’re means you are while your means second person possessive.  The same case applies to It’s and Its.

Always take note of such errors; the subject and verbs must agree.

Again, take note of incomplete sentences.

You can use spell check software to correct such errors because you can’t always notice them.

Note: Embrace the idea of writing essays in the third person, for example, they, it, he, she. Avoid using the second and first-person, for instance, we, you, or I.

There are many spell check and error-check software you can use. If you aren’t sure of one, make an effort and ask for guidance from your professor.

  • Using Incredible Sources

These days, once you research anything online, you will get tons of pages with different suggestions. It can be hard to distinguish the credible ones from the ones incredible. It is your duty as a student to ensure your sources are from reliable sources to give accurate information in your paper.

  • Poor Bibliography

Academic papers require students to use the MLA style unless your tutor states otherwise. Ensure you do the right thing when citing your sources to maintain good grades.


Students make the above mistakes often when writing academic papers. Ensure you check on them to avoid losing marks.

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