Examples of Good & Bad Thesis Statements

Before we dice into having examples of thesis statements, let’s define what a thesis statement is. Thesis statements express the ideas of research essays or papers. That is to say, argumentative or expository essays. These make claims while answering the question directly. Given the examples of the thesis below, you have to be precise and specific. You must also summarize the ideas that you will write in the essay paper, research paper, term paper, admission essay. As soon as you summarize the points, you have to ensure that you support your answer with some proof. In general terms, the statement is either the last or the second last line of the 1st paragraph in your paper or admission essay.

Thesis statements: good vs. bad

It worth it to reiterate that good thesis statements are very brief and specific. When you are that student who uses a lot of general words to say ‘good,’ ‘bad,’ your research is shallow.

An example is given. “Asian traveling is a better way to have fun during the summer.” This statement is wide, and it isn’t specific enough. The question that we now ask ourselves is. “why is it better?” go through the main sections of your topics and find out the specific areas of why Asian traveling is bad. Get specific areas and support your findings with proof. Go for realistic areas. A statement like, “traveling in Asia alone brings an experience to a person and boosts independence and confidence.” You can now emphasize the solo tracking in Asia and the independence and confidence of the person traveling. 

Below are more examples of thesis statements

Not good: everybody must exercise. Someone will ask the question, why must I? How will the exercise benefit me as an individual?

Good: Ugandans must put exercising in their schedule so they can be fit and healthy. And that reduced the risk of developing HBP. Their specifications in this statement (Ugandans), not everybody (schedule), not just anywhere, keeping healthy and loading HBP risk.

Once you have straight objectives, your research now becomes simpler.

Bad: when you drink a lot of alcohol, it is not good for one’s health status. It is very wide. What specific topics of alcohol do you want to talk about?

Good: extreme consumption of alcohol affects the body in a negative way effects such as heart disease, liver complications, and gaining weight.

There are a lot of specific points in our thesis statements. You do not have to select all the effects of the alcohol. But you can select a few that you will discuss in the essay paper, research paper, term paper, or admission essay.

Bad: when a child reads, his analytical mind will improve. When you use words like ‘will,’ they are not very strong. When you use such a thesis statement, the reader will ask himself the question, “how?”. If you write very many pages and paragraphs of your assignments, ensure that you back your statements with evidence.

Good: a better thesis statement will be, reading enhances the analytical mind of a child by improving on their comprehension skills, letting the kids know new words, and also adding on their vocabulary. 

Now in this thesis statement, we know that reading is good for a child’s mind. And we also the benefits of when a child reads it is now clear.

Bad: every person retiring should relocate to Soroti.

Using this thesis statement is risky because it is too broad and requires you to make certain changes.

Good: every person retiring must move to Soroti because most people like to settle and friendships will develop. After this, you describe how important your friendships are. You cite the sources that have similar ideas of friendships—and describing how individuals can build up this kind of relationship.

Point of view

Good points of view of the reader develop good thesis statements. It is the part where you have to be cautious of the thesis statement. You see, you are building a statement for only you and the people who are going to read your work. The question to ask yourself is, will your audience care about your work? The question sounds rude, but it is true in that statement about Asian travel. Readers may have an interest in traveling but do they have an interest in traveling solo. Just pray that hopefully, the answer is yes.


Remember that when you are writing your thesis statement, you must make sure that you brief to the point and make sure your points have a backup to support them.

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